Lost Maze


Make it through a twisting and turning maze


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Lost Maze is a 3D puzzle game where you have to twist different parts of a tubular maze to help your character get to the end of each level safe and sound. If, along the way, you manage to collect three stars, all the better.

Misty, the game's main character, moves nonstop in a straight line and starts spinning clockwise when she finds an obstacle. With this in mind, your mission is to rotate certain sections of the setting so that Misty can make it to the end of the level. Plus, at any time, you can pause the action to think thoroughly about your next move.

In Lost Maze, there are more than 60 different levels where you can pass through different places and find special objects related to your character's story. Misty needs to go home and you have to solve all the puzzles in order to get her there.

Lost Maze is a puzzle game with an original and fun gameplay and really nice graphics. What's more, the controls are perfect for touchscreens.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher